The first screen you will see when you start Unmotion is the settings screen. From here you can adjust the settings on how the motionless alarm will work.The basic idea is that the alarm will start counting down from a time limit that you set. If the phone does not receive a motion event of a force great enough to reset the alarm, it will eventually reach zero and begin a loud alarm. Constant motion is required to keep the alarm from going off.

The first option sensitivity, will adjust how much force is required to reset the alarm. At the bottom of the actual alarm screen you will see the sensitivity threshold along with the current force being measured by the device. When the force exceeds the sensitivity threshold value, the alarm resets and starts counting down again.

The second option time limit, allows you to set how many seconds the alarm will count down from on a range of 10 seconds up to 60 seconds.

The third option is a toggle to turn on and off the audio alarm. While this toggle is turned off you will not receive the five second warning either.

The 5 second warning toggle causes five short beeps in the five last seconds before the alarm actually fires. This requires audio alarm to be on to work.

The vibration toggle is slightly buggy due to the varying power levels of iPhone and iPod Touch vibration motors. Some devices have such a strong motor that it actually causes a force spike to reset the alarm.

Once all the settings are chosen, tap "Start Alarm" to start the alarm.