1.2 Approved and in the app store

Apologies to the iPod Touch users who get the switch for vibration. If your device does not support vibration it won't work. A patch is being issued to resolve this.

Unmotion 1.2 in review

Unmotion 1.2 has been sent to Apple for review. I skipped over 1.1 because it was an internal build with only a few bug fixes. Rather than release it I decided to do a fuller update that really made more sense for the future of the app.

Here is the changelog:

  • Crash bug fixed when toggling alarm on and off.
  • New name and branding and this new website.
  • Persistant settings
  • New splash screen.
  • Online help with in-app browser.
  • Vibration added to alarm.
  • Accelerometer precision bug fix.
  • Visual representation of current accelerometer forces and thresholds.

The groundwork has been laid for a great feature which will increase the apps usefulness tremendously. Thanks again.


Motionless Detector has officially been rebranded to Unmotion Motionless Detector and here is it's new domain. While the ownership stays the same, as well as the app's free price, we will be moving to an ad-based infrastructure.

This website will host certain features that are coming to Unmotion 2.0.

Unmotion Motionless Detector 1.2 will be uploaded to the app store soon to get this ball rolling.

Thanks everyone for downloading it so far!

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